titelbar of Privacy Policy

ASSHU., LTD. and its website "HAGAKURE1716"(collectivelly, "our website") keep and handle your personally identified information securely under the Privacy Policy below.

Objective of Collecting Personal Information
Our website will use your personal information, which is collected when we had your inquiry or order, including your email address, name, address etc. for following reason.
  1. To provide you with useful information or service such as shipping a commercial product or sending email.
Use of Personal Informaiton
Our website will use your personal information only within "Objective of collecting your personal information" and we will obtain your consent in advance if we use your information beyond "Objective of collecting your personal information".
Provision of Personal Information
In this site, we never disclose, sell, assign or provide personal information given by a customer to a third party except as the followings.
  1. When there is an agreement of a customer.
  2. When this site provides to a subcontractor to the extent necessary.
  3. When a disclosure of personal information is requested by chambers or administrative bodies in accordance with laws and regulations.
Secure Handling of Personal Information
Our website takes reasonable precations and has rigid control of your personal information to keep your privacy securely.
Deletion of Personal Information
When a customer would like to refer, correct or delete the contents about personal information provided by a customer, please contact to an inquiry section. We will deal with it quickly after customer's identity verification.
This site provides the each service to customers in conformity to this Privacy Policy. The service of this site is provided as that a customer has agreed to the Privacy Policy. Also, we review and revise this Privacy Policy as necessary to strengthen the protection of personal information of customers.

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