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Zen, which is originally called "Dhyana" in Sanskrit, is the simplify word for "Zenna" or "Chan" in Chinese. One of the many definition of Zen is that "Zen is a name of the mind" which means Zen is the true nature of a human mind. Let's find your favorite Zen Words and put them as a Zenna fuda around you. We hope that your mind becomes peaceful.

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Zenna fuda sticker/ 500JPY(tax included)

Number of pieces:7 pieces
Large size(2 pieces):3.2cm(H)×8.6cm(W)
Small size(4 pieces):1.5cm(H)×4cm(W)
HAGAKURE Logo(1 piece)


kissa ko NEW!
ka chou fuu getsu no yado NEW!
mu kudoku NEW!
nichi nichi kore koujitsu
ga hou jin
ichi go ichi e

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